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Holiday Gift Guide – Laurel Mercantile

We recently took a weekend trip to Laurel, MS with the kids and we fell in love. It’s a sweet small town with cute storefronts, a main street and the story of how they revived their community is just incredible.

We had a list of places that we wanted to visit while in Laurel but the two I was most excited about was the Laurel Mercantile and Scotsmans General Store. Growing up with a family fond of road trips to off the beaten path places I learned that all the best stuff in a town is usually in the general store.

The shop didn’t disappoint and we picked up so many good items I wanted to share them with all of you because they have a website and everything can be ordered and shipped.

Scotsman Co. Denim Fall Flannel. These shirts are well made and SOFT. I bought a few for Justin and my dad. I love that they feel well worn and will be comfortable from the first time you wear them. They are also made in the US which was something the owners strive to provide in their store.

Scotsman Men's shirt

Enamel French Fry Holder. I am always saying that I don’t need anymore dishes but I think everyone can admit that they just may need a special cup for their fries.

Enamel French Fry holder

Tulip Storage Bowls. The selection of vintage Pyrex and milk glass was incredible. I collect milk glass and other vintage kitchen items so I was in heaven. I didn’t get these but they are on my list.

Tulip Storage Bowls

Jadeite Dinnerware. If you are looking for interesting and unique dinnerware check out this entire set.

Jadeite Dinner Set

LMco. Pure Cane Syrup. This syrup is delicious. I love maple syrup on my pancakes but this syrup is my new favorite.

LMco Pure Cane Syrup

LMco. Peach Jam. We bought this jam for my parents as a gift when we spent the weekend in Laurel and they kept our crazy dog. It looked delicious and had pieces of fruit in the jam. They told me in the store that it is a delicious filling for pastries too.

Peach Jam LMco

Walker Feed Co. Mixers. I am anxiously awaiting some of these being restocked because they are so good. The mint julep syrup is divine and does not taste like a packaged cocktail syrup.

Walker's Cocktail Mixers

Gardiner Park Trio Bundle. Just get it all. It’s totally worth it.

Gardiner Park Trio

Make Something Good Today Book. This is the sweetest book about Laurel and it’s incredible comeback. I read part of it when we were staying in the Laurel Cottages.

Erin Napier Art. This collection of pieces are sweet, beautiful and affordable. I couldn’t pick one so I just linked all of them.

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