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6 Tips for Shopping the Clearance Rack

Someone asked me once if I only buy things that are on sale. My answer was, if I can help it.

I love shopping but I am not someone who can just buy anything I want. We have a family budget and part of that is my shopping money. Shopping in the clearance section or when things are on sale helps me to maximize my money. It also helps me to save on certain items so I can splurge on others.

I recently purchased this outfit from the Torrid Clearance rack…

Stores run so many sales that it almost seems silly to purchase things at full price anymore. Sales and clearance racks are really the best way to score those crazy cute items on a budget! I wanted to share some of my best tips for shopping clearance and sales!

Make a plan.

I don’t love digging through racks. In fact, I see friends scoring deals from discount retailers where I hate shopping in the store because the racks are so packed. I know if I need a nice dress for an event that TJ Maxx is probably my best bet but the thought of digging through the racks makes me not want to go. So when I am in a situation like this I make a plan. What do I need? What colors am I looking for? Do I need more than one piece, shoes, accessories? All of these things make me stay focused when the store may be unorganized.

Buy an outfit.

I always try to buy multiple pieces to make a complete outfit when I am shopping clearance. I don’t know when I started doing this but it makes putting together a full look easier. When you are shopping clearance the next season may not have the same colors so it is best to buy what you want then when you have the opportunity.


Clearance racks are a great time to get a deal on a staple. Look for jeans, jackets, white t-shirts or tanks, boots, etc… I am always on the look out on a great deal on jeans. I hate spending money on jeans so when I come across them in a sale I am grabbing them.

Maximize the sale.

Pay attention to the sale! How can you maximize your money? If it’s buy two get the third for free than it makes sense to buy three or six items. Maximize your savings where you can and read the fine print. Also, check the price point of the things you are buying especially if it is a BOGO sale. They are always going to charge you for the highest priced item so make sure your picks are comparable in price.

Think about the season.

Can you wear this item now? If you can’t then will you wear it in three months or six months? It’s not saving you any money if you are not going to actually wear the items so make sure you are really buying things you need and will wear.

Avoid big trends.

Some trends tend to go in and out within a season. Think about what you are buying. Is this something that is going to be in style next summer? Is it an item that you can wear into the next season or will the trend fade with the current season? These are all the questions you should be asking. If it’s not a current item I can wear now I am going to only opt to buy staples.



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