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Gifts for Her with the LOFT

This post is in partnership with LOFT.  All thoughts, ideas and choices are mine.  Post contains affiliate links.

No matter how big or small your Christmas list is we all have a lady that we need to buy a gift for.  Mom, daughter, friend or teacher I know there is someone who you are struggling to buy for.

Universally there is nothing that all women like.  I have met women upon women in my lifetime and there is always something they like or do differently than me.  I would love to tell you that I have found the holy grail of gifts and you just can’t mess this one up but the truth is I haven’t.  Instead what I have done is complied a list of things that I think will meet almost, stressing ALMOST, every ladies wants or needs.

Sometimes the trick with gift giving is this.  Treating someone to something they would love, but never buy for themselves.

The LOFT has put together a great gifting selection this year.  I went through and selected some of my favorite gifting items that I love and would be happy to see under my own tree.  Hint Hint Justin…

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