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Dressing for Polo {Behind the Scenes}

{This post is sponsored by Haute Dames Couture Hats}

Picking my Harvest Cup Polo Dress is something I start thinking about months before the event.  I always want something special and standout and those kind of outfits you just don’t find overnight.  It takes a lot of thought and searching.

This year I picked my HCPC dress a little differently than I usually do.  I bought several and brought them to Debbie and Sue with Haute Dames Couture and let them choose.  This is what they picked.

Picking the hat… and dress.

Since the Haute Dames were ultimately responsible for making my hat I wanted them to be part of picking the dress.  I love the mixed pattern and pop of red.  I love even more that the red they chose paired nicely with my yellow Veuve Cliquot bag and the foliage.

I originally picked this dress up at the ASOS sale at the end of the summer.  My intention was to wear it to Patron Party.  Have you ever bought a dress and put it on and it just felt special?  Well this dress was that for me.  It made me feel pretty and it made me feel fun.  How you personally feel in something means everything.  If you feel good in it then wear it and love it because you will look 100 times more confident and elegant if you do.

This is my 6th year attending polo and I always choose a pattern.  The event seems like the perfect excuse to do something bold.  Big pattern can be fun to wear at an outdoor event.  This is the first time I have worn black.  In the past I have always chosen a bold color or white.  Even though black isn’t “unexpected” it was for me and I kind of love that.

A Little Hat Trick.

A big issue with wearing a hat is how it is going to make your hair look when you take it off.  Expecially if you are only planning to wear the hat for a short period of time it is good to make plans for that.

I like to roll my hair.  I part my hair down the center and roll it almost to the base of my hair line on each side and then secure it in the back with a little bun.  You could also use this as an opportunity to braid your hair too.

This will help to keep your hat secure on your head and also guarantee that it won’t be a mess when you want to take it off.

Let’s Talk Polo.

Harvest Cup Polo Classic was started by the Junior League of Greater Covington 22 years ago and is the largest fundraiser the league hosts each year.  The goal of the event is to raise money to continue to give back to the community through grant funding and support community out reach programs like Girls Health Day and Project Prom.

I just did a whole post about Polo for Northshore Parent so if you are interested in learning more click here.  You can also check out my recap on last years event here.

This years event will be taking place on October 21st at Summergrove Farms in Folsom.  You can learn more about the event here or buy tickets here.

Don’t live close enough to attend or can’t make it on the 21st?  No problem you can also shop and bid our online auction here.  Which will be live on October 18th.

Looking forward to having a good time again this year.



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