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Nordstrom Anniversary Sale – Dresses

Navigating the Nordstrom sale can be a little daunting.  It is so many pages of good stuff and it’s a little hard to know where to start.  I try to come up with a list of things I need each year so that I stay on track but it can be a little difficult when you start seeing all of the cool things they have on sale.

I don’t have a specific shopping list.  It’s more like I know I need a new jacket, jeans and I want a pair of white boots.  It at least give me a task to stay on.  Believe me when you are filtering through pages and pages of gorgeous stuff it’s good to know what your list is.

Because of that I am trying to break down my sale posts into categories.  We covered top picks and denim and today I am going to cover dresses.

I was hoping that my favorite Leith dress was going to be included in the sale. It wasn’t but there are several dresses like it that are. There are also some great picks for Fall and Winter and you could even start thinking about Christmas. My main shopping goal has been finding a dress for Harvest Cup Polo Classic which I think I have narrowed down…

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Whatever your needs are for dresses I think that I have narrowed down a pretty good selection from the office to home, Thanksgiving to New Years Eve and anything in between!

More to come…  Happy shopping!




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