Polka Dots and Peek A Boos

The summer heat is already here.  Even with a late spring the heat has found it’s way to Louisiana.

As of today I am officially the mom of Pre-school and Kindergarten graduates.  Paxton finished school on Friday and Peyton is graduating in just a few hours.  Two more days of school and we are on summer vacation for the next 75 days.

Summer really is a great time in the south and we are looking forward to fun filled days in the sun, bbq’ing in the afternoons and staying up past bedtime.  Things I  am not looking forward to… the mosquitos!

{Just so you know…  This post contains affiliate links for Nordstrom and Target.  All thoughts opinions and ideas are mine.}

I had been eyeing up this dress at Nordstrom…

I really loved the black and white pattern which is so hot for spring and also the peek a boo at the waist.  I wasn’t set to pay over $100 for it though because I thought I may be limited to the paces I could wear it.

Well in walks Target to make my dreams come true!

The very next week I went to target and they had a similar style dress but in a polka dot pattern.  The dress came in black with white polka dots and also white with black polka dots.  Loved them both but I went with the overall black dress.

Dress // Hat // Shoes

The thing I really liked the most about the dress was the fabric.  It was lightweight but still had the great pleated waist.  Plus it has pockets so swoon!

Here are a few of my other black and white favorites for summer…


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