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Kids Swimwear

We have been to the pool several times already this spring.  Warm weather plus a slightly heated pool right around the corner equals afternoon perfection in my book.  The boys have already been trying to get their homework done and eat their dinner so we can get out the door and swim for an hour before bed.  Can I emphasize enough that we love daylight savings time???

At this time in our lives I am not investing a lot in the kids swimwear.  They are still dragging themselves all over the baby pool and not to mention the chlorine and the frequency in which me swim.  I am barely getting suits to last the entire summer so I am looking for cute about all else and not worrying about them last until next summer.

But before I get into swimsuits let’s talk essentials…  like what’s in my bag:

  1. Sunscreen: Always Melaluca
  2. Sunglasses:  Forever 21 will do I am not bringing anything expensive to the pool
  3. Water: for me and for them
  4. Snacks: for them Pringles and muffins.  For me Ideal Protein and almonds.
  5. Towels:  I only bring two and we share because if I bring one for every person I would do laundry forever
  6. My phone: for pictures and instastories and to call 911 in anyone busts their head open (which is always possible)
  7. Shammy Towels: Because you don’t need a full size towel to wipe your face.
  8. Goggles: One for each kid plus one extra pair because something always breaks.
  9. Bee Sting Kit: Because I am all about relying on the lifeguard but last year they didn’t have one.
  10. Book:  I am not sure why because I don’t have a chance to read it and it just taunts me from the bag.

About the suits.  Well Target’s Cat and Jack is my favorite line of kids clothes right now.  Their bathing suits are also so cute.  We purchased Cat and Jack suits last year and I was amazed how well they held up.  We go to the pool a lot and they were still in good shape when I pulled them out a few weeks ago.

Planning on being at the pool a lot again this summer I grabbed three new suits for the boys for Easter.  This year they have some longer length suits but also short euro length too which I love.  These are some of my current favorites…

Big Boys

Little Boys


Looking forward to many days of fun in the sun!!!



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