An Honest review of the Oscars and How to get Allison Janey’s Sleeves for Days

The Oscars were Sunday night and if you are anything like me you were perched in front of the tv at 4pm to start watching the arrivals.  I eat up any and all things fashion and the Academy Awards is the night to catch all the new trends in formal wear.  There were some major hits and a few misses but I wanted to talk a little bit about some of my favorite looks of the night and how you can do one look on your own.

I want to put a special thank you in here to my friends Kayla and Karen for listening to be debate fashion for two days non stop.

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Starting with my favorites…

Just to make this a little more fun I linked each dress with a look alike that I found at Nordstrom.  Each celebrity dress has a hyperlink to a more affordable look so make sure that you click on the each picture.

Hands down favorite of the night was Paz Vega.  I love a pattern and this dress was perfection.  I love that she mixed the patterns from the sheath of the dress to the train and then the fact that she kept it mostly white.  Also, the styling was impeccable.  Even though the over all look was a large pattern they allowed it to fade a little into the background by not adding a lot of additional elements.  The short dark hair and soft makeup were also great choices.

Nicole Kidman in Armani Prive was stunning.  My one complaint with Nicole is that she typically wears a lot of the same style of dress.  However this is also one thing I like about her too.  She knows how to dress her own body and she is not afraid to be vocal with her stylist when she is choosing one.  Nicole has an unlikely issue in the fact that she needs to add weight to herself to look curvier.  This is why you see her a lot in dresses with bows and other additions.  I like the fact that she still keeps it soft and not overpowering but keeping it all one color.  The blue is also just heart stopping.

Saoirse Ronan in Calvin Klein.  This dress was a little controversial online and among my friends but Vogue hailed it the most Iconic dress of the night before the red carpet was even over.  I love light colors on a person with fair skin.  It’s very soft and beautiful and the pink really popped against the red carpet.  I also love the hem of the dress so you could see the shoe which was a very unexpected style.  I love that the shoes are one shade lighter than the dress.  Very intentional with the styling to keep it soft and to keep your eye moving.  Even thought it is very monochromatic it is also very detailed.  This is  a dress I would love to see in person.

Justin and I used to play a game where he would get me to guess who the designers were before the person had a chance to say it in their interview.  I knew this was Dior the second I saw it.  Jennifer Lawrence completely rocked this look and I give major credit to her team on the styling.  They did it all right from the hair to the eyeliner.  One of the things I like about Jennifer is her facial expressions.  She has an ever changing face and smile depending on her role and what she is wearing.  This night she was on point with the hard looks she was giving and she carried it all the way through.  Can we also talk about how heavy this dress was???  Rockstar.

Jennifer Garner in Versace.  This dress was another favorite of mine for so many reasons.  The color was bright and fun and very unexpected.  I love how there is a lot of dress but she kept it soft and feminine by the fabric choice.  I think with her well built arms this look could have photographed harsh if the designer had not kept the neckline somewhat sheer.  Also the fabric allowed all of the seems and detailing to be highlighted more since it had a simple flow.  The train was just the icing on the cake to me.  I always think about how a dress will look walking across the huge stage and this dress gave the Oscars stage life!  I wanted to see her walk all day long in this dress.

How do I get an Oscars look…

Truth be told most people don’t have an excuse to wear a formal dress very often.  Som how can we take some of the amazing trends and turn them into things we can wear???  I will show you.

Alison Janey wore this Reem Acra gown to the Academy Awards Sunday night.  It was also one of my favorites that I saw although I don’t usually like red dresses on the red carpet but I made an exception for this one.

Let’s talk about these sleeves.  I love that they left the dress pretty basic and then let the sleeves be the focal point of the look.  Bell sleeves are a trend for the spring and a continuation from the winter.  They are fun and there are a lot of ways to wear them.  These sleeves are really extra but here is a dress I got from Ann Taylor Loft a few months ago that has the same look but for more daytime wear.

This dress is still available at the LOFT and is on MAJOR sale currently.  Check it out here.

Here are a few other options to achieve this same look…

I don’t want to forget to link all of my gorgeous Golden Lily accessories…

Bracelet // (similar) Earrings // Necklace

Dressing like something you have seen on a celebrity is easy with a little bit of research.  There are so many options to achieve the same look.  Stores like Nordstrom will always be on the cusp of everything that is new and upcoming.  I am sure that in the next few weeks we will see them release many more dresses inspired by the Oscars.




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