Prima Donnas Ball

This is the first time I have participated in a Mardi Gras Krewe.  I have been able to ride in a few parades over the years but always as a chaperone and I wasn’t an actual member of the Krewe.  When I was asked by my friend, Emily, if I wanted her to nominate me for Prima Donnas I was excited!  Being an actual part of Mardi Gras and not just attending is going to be a real treat.

If you aren’t familiar there are a million ways to participate in Mardi Gras.  Everything from riding on the float to marching groups and anything in between.  The Prima Donnas, Guardians of Haute Couture, are a promenade Krewe.  They meet at Saks on the Friday before Mardi Gras and make their way to Court of Two Sisters for Brunch and then promenade down Bourbon Street.  It’s like a super fancy ladies who lunch day.

Our Krewe has one overall theme and then the 13 groups are given their own theme.  This is how we decorate our corsets.  Each lady is responsible for her entire costume and it has to be made from Mardi Gras beads and you have to follow your theme.  Our Royals make each group a hat so every lady in the group will have the same one.  Other than that you are allowed to be as creative as possible.  I am dying to show you what I created but we have to keep it a secret until promenade day.

This past weekend was our ball which was more casual than some of the Mardi Gras krewes.  Mardi Gras balls are a time to honor your Krewe royalty and preset your Grand Marshalls and any other special members you have parading that year.  Our ball was much more of a social than a presentation but it was so much fun.  All of the ladies in my Krewe are what I like to call Extra.

I have to add that they had a champagne cake (above on the left).  To say it was perfection is under selling how good it was.  Think rum cake with a champagne twist.

I knew the ball was going to be more casual so I didn’t need a gown.  I did want to wear something a little funky but I couldn’t find what I wanted.  I had bought a sequin dress and also a pink jumpsuit but they just weren’t what I wanted.  The weekend before the ball I went to Mackenzie and Me in Covington and found this amazing little faux leather dress.  It fit like a glove and the exposed zipper and drop waist made it fun.

Plus she had these amazing rose gold sandals that I am in love with.  Seriously I danced all night and never took them off.

I went all in with the black adding the black and silver wig and the black lace gloves.  It was perfection and I couldn’t have been happier.

Kayla Morgan from Kay-la Handbags made me this gorgeous clutch to bring with me.  I called her literally the night before and she designed this and painted it that night.  I can’t wait to see the bag she does for me for Prima Donnas Promenade day.

Also, Johanna Frigola did my makeup and it was AMAZING!  We have big plans for Prima Donnas Day!

We had a great time but all it did was make me even more ready for Mardi Gras.  Parades start this weekend and we cannot wait!  Hail Prima Donnas.




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