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We are in the home stretch to the Christmas holidays.  Thanksgiving is Thursday which means this weekend will officially start holiday parties.  Big Daddy and I love to get dressed up and although there aren’t a ton of reasons for us to get dressed up these days, hello three kids, holiday parties are the perfect place.

There is something about green that is giving me all the feels this holiday season.  I think the majority of my holiday wardrobe is green.  It just looks so lush and I love the way it blends with my hair color.  There also is always an abundance of red during December so green sets you apart and really catches peoples eye.  Bonus if you have blue or green eyes because it will really make them pop.

It isn’t usually hard to get Big Daddy to dress up.  I will be honest with you when I say that he likes clothes almost as much as me.  His true love affair is with watches but that’s for another day.  With men it seems to be easier to get them to wear a dress shirt and jacket if you also tell them that they can wear jeans.  Dark, indigo wash jeans with monochromatic stitching is perfect for this type of look.  The denim looks just as good as a dress pant and will make your man feel more comfortable.  Pairing it with a tweed jack and oxford and he will look just as pulled together as if he was wearing a suit.  No one does dress denim for men like Banana Republic so check the links below.

It’s always nice for us to get out and just have an adult night together.  I have more fun with Big Daddy than anyone else I know so getting to dress up and spend an evening with just him is a true treat for me.  It’s nice to have a little extravagance and glamor now and then and just get to enjoy one another’s company and the company of your friends.  We are really looking forward to attending several holiday events in the coming weeks.


Me: Dress // Belt // Shoes // Earrings
Big Daddy: Jacket // Shirt // Jeans // Shoes

Pictures Melissa Breedlove Photography


Also, since we are feeling fancy I wanted to share a few of our favorite cocktail recipes.  Because what’s a fancy outfit without a good cocktail to accessorize it.


Rose French 75


Blackberry Side Car

Brandy Milk Punch


Maple Bourbon Cocktail

Apple Cider Bourbon Cocktail

Enjoy your Thanksgiving!  Make plans to wear something fancy at least once in December.  It will be worth it and really make you feel upscale and fabulous…



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