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Harvest Cup Polo Classic

I look forward to Harvest Cup Polo Classic every fall.  It’s almost a seasonal marker for me like Mardi Gras is to the end of winter.  It’s the October staple in my social calendar.  {This post is sponsored by the Junior League of Greater Covington.  All thoughts, opinions and ideas are mine.}

I had been thinking about what I was going to wear for months.  Honestly it had been on my mind since the start of the summer.  I initially saw this dress at Au Darling in the early summer.  I tried it on and fell in love with it but I just wasn’t ready to commit.  Fast forward a few months and I happened to be shopping their sale.  I looked on the rack and there was one lone dress in my size like it was meant to be.  I decided to buy it and save it for Polo.  The biggest hesitation I had was that I was so light and the event is well into the fall.  I have always had a vision of wearing a white dress to polo.  I felt like it would have a huge moment against the green grass and compliment the white tents.  I wasn’t wrong because this dress was in it’s glory on that Sunday.  The way I decided to incorporate more fall into the look was with my hat.  I went with burgundy and then pulled out as much mustard as I could from the dress with the netting and flowers I added.  It took me 4 days to finish the hat completely.  Abby Dumatrait with Golden Lily picked the perfect earrings for me as did Kayla Morgan from Kay-la Handbags with my little Lane Clutch.

This year I was particularly excited to attend.  I wasn’t a member of the HCPC committee for the first time in my four years as a Junior League of Greater Covington member.  It was exciting to be learning about the details of the event as they were released rather than when they were planned.  I was immediately intrigued by the addition of the Gospel Brunch and made plans to be there when the gates opened so I wouldn’t miss a minute of everything that was happening.  Veuve Clicquot was in attendance again selling bottles of champagne with their fantastic yellow floral arrangements and umbrellas.  We attended Patron Party so were able to pre order our bottle of champagne chilled.

I signed up for the hat contest, no I didn’t win, and got a chance to chat with the Haute Dames.  Not only were they the Pretty Lady Hat Contest Sponsors but they are also my Royals for my Mardi Gras Promenade Group the Prima Donnas (Hail Prima Donnas).  We stopped in at several of the food and drink booths along the concourse as we checked out everything that was going on.  Some of our favorites were the coffee cocktail (cold brew and Rumchata) that Abita Roasting was offering and the delicious hot wings that Smoke was making hot and fresh on site.  The highlight of the food and beverage tents was definitely the New Orleans Bourbon Festival who was serving flights of Bulleit Bourbon.  We spent quite a bit of time at their tent to be honest.

The highlight of the HCPC experience is the polo games themselves.  Our top community partners; Lee Michaels Fine Jewelry, Inside Northside, Champagne Beverage Company and United Way of Southeast Louisiana each sponsor a team for the polo matches.  Unfortunately due to the weather the polo matches were cut short but everyone still had a ton of fun.  At least we got to see a little polo played before the weather acted up.  Click here for a full list of sponsors and donors of the 2018 event.

So one thing I really wanted to talk about was how perfect all of the décor was.  The white tents are always an amazing display against the green grass so there really isn’t much more needed.  Well this year the committee has Megan Westervelt Floral Design do all of the tables and floral arrangements for the event.  I have to say it was the most perfect the tables have ever looked.  She curated the most perfect arrangements of fall florals and foliage and placed them with the most pristine little white pumpkins.  It was the perfect, upscale addition to an already dreamy event.  I was pleased to be able to take home a few of her arrangements and they have been prettying up my home all week.

Last, but certainly not least, I have to talk about the event sponsor Latter and Blum.  As someone who has worked in event management for years I understand the importance of the generosity of companies like Latter and Blum.  Without their contribution the Junior League of Greater Covington would not be able to do the important work they do in the community.  Harvest Cup Polo Classic is the largest fundraiser that the JLGC does each year.  It funds projects like Project Homecoming and Project Prom, Girls Health Day, Three Rivers Art Festival and numerous community grants they write each year.  Nicknamed Polo with a Purpose, this event allows the Junior League of Greater Covington to make a huge impact on the Northshore community.

I want to thank the 2017 Harvest Cup Polo Classic Chair, Elizabeth Westervelt, and her committee for having my cover this fabulous event.  I also want to commend them on a job well done.  From the entrance to the polo to the champagne and bourbon the whole event was first class.  Even with the quick rain shower in the middle of the day we enjoyed our entire time we spent at Summergrove Farms!

Also, a huge thank you to my photographer Melissa Breedlove who always exceeds my expectations with her abilities.  It’s was such an amazing blessing to have her and her husband Brandon in attendance.  It’s so good to do great work with your friends!


Me: Dress // Shoes // Earrings // Bag
Big Daddy: Pants // Shirt // Shoes
Joann Lawson: Green Dress // Hat
Lizette: Black and White


If you are interested in getting involved with the Junior League of Greater Covington you can check out their website here.  Want to keep up with HCPC and what the 2018 event will entail?  You can get all the details on their website here or Facebook here.

Til Next year friends!



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