Field Trip Friday

I started Field Trip Fridays a few years ago with the boys as a way to have something to look forward to all week long. I would love to take them somewhere daily but the summer is long and I don’t have the budget to go to the zoo or a museum daily.

Setting Friday aside also let me come up with a plan to have backup. My Mom comes with me most weeks so I knew I would have someone to help if we were navigating the city streets or a big park.

Each summer we come up with a list of places the boys want to visit on Fridays. They have a lot of the same ones from year to year like the zoo and aquarium. They also come up with some new ones from things they hear at school. This year they really want to go to the beach in Biloxi.

Three Boys

It is a fun way to get them involved and to explore your city. You may not live here but many of these ideas would work for any city in the area.

Field Trip Friday Ideas

The Audubon Zoo
The Audubon Insectarium
The Audubon Aquarium
The Audubon Nature Center
The Ogden Museum
WWII Museum
Mardi Gras World
LA Children’s Museum
Lynn Meadows Discovery Center
Knock Knock
Children’s Museum of St. Tammany
USS Kidd
Avery Island
Sculpture Garden
Stennis Space Center
LA Art and Science Museum
Botanical Gardens
Steamboat Natchez
Cool Zoo
Street Car
City Putt

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