Fashions For Kids with Evie’s Closet {We Five Kings Holiday Gift Guide}


Evie’s Closet has been a work in progress for as long as I can remember. As a young girl, I dreamed of one day being a designer. As a lover of fashion, I took every opportunity to dress my boys in adorable outfits. While some think dressing boys is not as fun, I enjoyed it quite a bit. Three boys in six years brought us full plates and full hearts. We were sure we were done having kids, although in my heart I longed to be Mom of a daughter too. Low and behold, the Lord blessed us with our precious Evangeline Jane. This new world of mothering a daughter launched me into the joy of dressing a girl. The possibilities were endless, but I desired custom pieces for her that were vintage inspired with a slight modern flair. This is what reignited my desire for design and is ultimately when Evie’s Closet was born. This line is inspired by God’s four greatest gifts in my life and it has been so enjoyable watching my vision come to life. I would be so honored for you to allow us at Evie’s Closet to dress YOUR most precious gifts.

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