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Holiday Cards – How to Pick the Perfect Card for Your Family

King's perception vs. reality Christmas Card
King's perception vs reality Christmas Card

Last year I couldn’t choose our holiday cards so I picked out three and mixed them up and addressed them at random. It was fun and I loved hearing peoples reaction about which one they got. I mean the Jurassic Park were obviously a favorite.

2019 Christmas Cards

Each year I pour through the Shutterfly options in hope of finding the perfect card. It is one of my favorite things to do during the holidays and I always round up my favorite 10 for you.

Shutterfly is always my go to spot for Christmas cards and photo gifts. Their quality is always great and even though there have been a few mishaps over the years I find them to be really easy to work with.

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Classic red Shutterfly Christmas Card
Classic and Fun. I love this beautiful combination.
Black and white Shutterfly Christmas Card
This one would have been the best option for us many years. I think it is funny and still classic with the black and white.
Merry Christmas Tree Card from Shutterfly
Most years we do a card with one picture in the center but this one is so cute for a collage.
Be Merry Holiday cards from Shutterfly:
If you are looking for a holiday card that isn’t focused on Christmas I love this one! The wording and font are beautiful.
Classic red funny card from Shutterfly
Another cute card for the family who is looking for something funny. This one is beautiful with the red and something most parents can relate to.
Classic Red plaid Christmas Card from Shutterfly: Holiday Cards
I love this classic plaid and the small stripe of black makes it stand out.
Black and white Christmas Card
Black Christmas cards are my personal favorite.
Merry and bright Christmas Card: Holiday Cards
If you are looking for a card that isn’t traditional this is such a pretty color. If you want to use your Front Porch Pics for a card this one could be really pretty.
Blue Shutterfly Christmas Card: Merriest Christmas.
I love to include a blue card each year. They are pretty and will work well if you want to use a picture that isn’t red and green or Christmas colors.
2021 Happy New Year Cards :L Holiday Cards
In the year of Covid and 100 hurricane scares in Louisiana and election drama and fires on the west coast and other things I am missing maybe we should just skip the Christmas card and go right to New Years 2021!

If this year has taught me anything it is to cherish memories and enjoy your traditions. I love each and every Holiday card I receive and I can’t wait to see yours this year!



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