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12 Family Halloween Costume Ideas: For Big-ish Families

We do a family costume each year for Halloween. I started doing this when Porter was a baby and it’s been fun for Justin and I to get involved in the costume too. However each year has it’s challenges because one, the boys all have opinions now and two, there are five people in our family.

I don’t have a lot of time to over complicate things so our costumes are pretty basic and easy. I don’t think you have to have handmade costumes to be cute. The fact that you got five people to dress alike is impressive enough most days. These are a few of the costumes we have done in years past.

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Jurassic Park

This was our favorite and the first year we did a family photo shoot for Halloween. Yes, this was our Christmas Card…

King Family Jurassic Park Photo Shoot

Blow Up Velociraptor Costumes


This was one of the easiest costumes we did. I got the boys all-in-one outfits here. This is the shirt I wore and then Justin’s is here. We both just wore black shorts.

King Family skeleton costumes

Ninja Turtles

So this one I had to talk to the boys into. I found these costumes on Prime Day for $9 each and it was such a good deal. I bought them and then low key started talking to them about how cool it would be to do Ninja Turtles. Once I showed them a few of the cartoons it didn’t take long for them to get on board. Yes, I know there are only four Ninja Turtles but it was fun.

Adult Costumes // Kids Costumes

King Family Ninja Turtles Costume

Hotel Transylvania

This was the more labor intensive costume theme we have done. I had to find all of the components for this so it wasn’t as cut and dry as years past when I could just buy a costume. Peyton and Paxton’s costumes were the easiest because I could get them on Amazon. You can find the Johnny and Dennis jerseys online but I just went with t-shirts. Justin’s wig is here and Porter’s wig is here. This is my wig, tights and shoes. The dress I wore was from Old Navy.

King Family Hotel Transylvania Costumes

Other Ideas…

I started looking on Pinterest for some other large family ideas and these are a few of the ones I came across.


Such a fun and easy idea here.


The kid dressed as the bale of hay is my favorite. Check out these farm Costumes here.


There are about a million different combinations you can do with Disney as a theme. These are some great ideas!

Lion King

This is a great tutorial on how to make Lion King masks.

Wizard of OZ

Peter Pan

Game of Thrones

Even thought the series is over I still think this would make an amazing family costume. Especially if you have three kids since there was three dragons.

Star Wars

The greatest thing about themes is that they can be as simple or as over the top as you want them to be. If you don’t want to go all out for you and your husband opt for jeans and a top that fits the theme but isn’t a costume. The goal is always having fun.



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