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A Yellow Polka Dot Bikini

{This post is sponsored by Perfectly Priscilla Boutique}

I said in the beginning of the summer that when I wrote about bathing suits I would start each post with an encouraging statement, so here it goes. Sometimes I think back to all the years I wouldn’t take a picture in a swimsuit. The summers with friends where I would run to the bathroom or to the bar to get a drink when the cameras came out. I can remember wrapping a towel tightly around my waist when I couldn’t find a way to escape them asking me to join their picture. It’s kind of sad when I think about how I was creating so much angst for my body in my own head. This space has been a place for me to share and encourage you, but it has also been a place where I have grown. The photo shoot last summer in my ModCloth suit was the first time I felt true freedom in my body. Changing how you see yourself it’s an overnight fix. Full disclosure, there are still days I have to choose to love my body. But I will tell you this, you will never regret making that choice to be bold and love yourself just like you are.

If you like it, wear it.

We officially got the word on Tuesday that the start of school was pushed back until after Labor Day. Six more weeks of summer. We are going to roll into the first day of school tan like we lived in Bora Bora all summer long. While my desire to be in the sun and pool hasn’t faded this summer my swimsuits have.

I have been wanting a yellow polka dot swimsuit all summer. Specifically a two piece so I could sing the yellow polka dot bikini song while I was wearing it. True story, I sing a lot of crazy songs and my kids think it is hilarious. Since we are definitely going to be doing the pool thing and potentially a beach trip before school actually starts I went for it with this perfect little suit from Perfectly Priscilla Boutique.

Just a quick reintroduction. Perfectly Priscilla Boutique is a size inclusive online shop that carries boutique style women’s clothing sizes 0 to 22.

Tiffany in a Perfectly Priscilla Boutique coverup
Tiffany in a yellow polka dot bikini
Tiffany in a yellow polka dot bikini
Tiffany in a multi colored coverup
Tiffany in a yellow polka dot bikini

Swimsuit Top // Swimsuit Bottoms // Coverup // Earrings

This suit is available in a wide variety of sizing. I added a few of my other favorites from the Perfectly Priscilla Boutique site here…

Perfectly Priscilla One Piece Navy Suit
Perfectly Priscilla Swimsuit in palm print
Perfectly Priscilla Boutique Bikini



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