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Finding the Right Masks for Kids

Well talk about things I never thought I would write about, I am giving you a shopping list of masks for kids. Sometimes I wake up in the morning and I am like, is this actually happening or am I dreaming everything?

The Boys wearing masks from Kayla Handbags

We had a date on the calendar to go back to school August 6th and that has since been changed. We are supposed to now start August 11th but like anything in our lives since March I will write allegedly on the calendar. Although we have not yet received confirmation if the kids are going to have to wear masks all day at school I am working on finding the right mask for the big boys.

I have looked at masks online to see what our options are for fabric and sizing. I tried to give as wide of a variety as I could. Personally I chose to go with the neck gaitors for the boys which I have included in this post. Until now they have been wearing these masks from Kay-la Handbags.

How many masks did I purchase?

I am waiting for school to send out requirements before I decide this. For now I have ordered them each two gaitors and they have one regular mask. If they are going to school five days a week I may purchase one more just in case a mask gets lost or rips.

How do I care for our masks?

I am washing them daily when we are wearing them. I have been using a lingere detergent and handwashing in the sink. I dry flay on the counter. They are usually dry by the morning so we have been ok so far with our one set of masks.

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When I asked for recommendations on Instagram a lot of parents said their kids are easily wearing the disposable masks. I know that this may not be the most popular because they are not environmentally friendly but at this point we need to be doing what will easily work for your kids.

SewMuch2BeThankful4 – ETSY

SewMuch2BeThankful4 Masks

Little Pearl Quilts

Little Pearl Quilts Masks

Blossom Girl

LesCat Masks

Kayla Handbags

Kay-la Handbags Masks

Get Happy Masks

Get Happy Masks

Reuse Masks LA

Reuse Masks LA


Phina Masks

The Twirl Shop

The Twirl Shops Masks

Design a Latte

Design A Latte

Keren’s Krowns

Keren's Krowns

Bailey Blue

Bailey Blue Masks

StichUponAStarCo – ETSY

StitchUponAStarCo Masks

I will be updating this list as I receive more suggestions. If you think of anyone that is offering masks for kids please send my an email.



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