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Americana Momma: How we Reinvented the Backyard Tea Party

{This post is sponsored by Perfectly Priscilla Boutique}

Before I became a mom I thought about what my family may look like. I think like a lot of people my mind went straight to having two kids. One boy and one girl with a puppy and a white picket fence. I am sure we all thought differently when growing up about what parenthood would look like but in my mind my world definitely included a daughter.

8 years, 3 kids and 0 daughters later I have realized that boy mom life is a good look for me. As cliché as it is to say, I wouldn’t change a thing. But I would be remiss if I didn’t admit there have been moments when I have thought about missing out on those frilly dresses, makeup lessons and tea parties.

As the boys grow and mature I know that they may find things like the theater, ballet or having high tea more exciting. But for now I am content to meet them where they are and make my tea party dream into a back yard hot dog party.

Americana Momma
Backyard picnic
Americana themed backyard picnic
Backyard picnic

Now let me tell you about something new!

Today we are starting a fun new partnership with Perfectly Priscilla Boutique. They are a size inclusive, woman owned, online retailer based out of Georgia. The thing that immediately drew my attention was the fact that all of their pieces are available from a 0 through a 22. While I love to showcase as much plus size apparel as I can I loved the ability to be able to work with a brand that is going to have pieces that fit almost all of my followers.

We will be working together over the next few months to bring you new swimwear options, fall styles, holiday pieces as well as the right outfits for family pictures, class parties, date nights and so much more. Learn more about their story in their words here.

I am featuring a few of their pieces this month. Today it is the More Than Enough Blue and White Striped Romper.

Tiffany wearing a blue romper from Perfectly Priscilla Boutique
Tiffany wearing a blue romper from Perfectly Priscilla Boutique

This shoot was fitting considering the 4th of July is just a few days away. Although it was hot we still had a lot of fun! Photo Credit to Rachel Madelyn Photo.



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