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$100 Outfits: Walmart

I have been thinking about doing this post for a few months. Can you build an outfit for $100 from some of your favorite retailers? I did a poll last December to see what everyone’s thoughts were on budget. Most commonly answered was $100 when asked what someone would spend on a head to toe outfit. So here is episode one of $100 Outfits: Walmart.

I chose to start this with Walmart for a few reasons. First, I knew with their price points I would be able to get a lot for my budget. Second, they have done a really great job of expanding the brands they offer online this last year. Third, I don’t write about them often and I want to start including some brands I don’t use a lot in my posts.

I settled on the SCOOP because I really love the line. I have used them in a few other posts last fall because the clothes are really intersting and the patterns are always bright and bold. I also love that the line is size inclusive running from a XS to XXXL.

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Here is my look…

$100 outfit Scoop from Walmart
$100 outfit Scoop from Walmart
$100 outfit Scoop from Walmart
$100 outfit Scoop from Walmart

Top // Pants // Bag // Hat // Shoes

I went slightly over my budget ending up at $112 for everything including tax but since I spent more than $35 Walmart ships for free. I love this set from the first time I laid eyes on it. I was particularly drawn to the fact that it had a pajama look. The concern I had when I ordered was the top being a wrap top would be too open as most on them are on a busty person. However it fit perfectly when I received it. The second thing was the pants which were reviewed online to run large and I found them to be more true to size (TTS).

I ordered an XXL in the top and pants for sizing reference I am an 18 for most retailers.

The item I was most surprised by was the hat. Being a hat person I know the benefit of investing in one because it will hold up well and sit comfortably on your head. This was not only comfortable but it also traveled well and was packed safely. It has held it’s shape and for $20 that is a total steal.

I am really looking forward to creating this series monthly but I want to see from you too! If you have recently built a head to toe look send it my way!



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