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You Need a Belt: 4 Belts You Need in Your Closet

I used to hate belts. I never wore them. It drove my Mom crazy when I was growing up that I wouldn’t wear a belt with pants. I still don’t wear them with jeans and pants but I do love them with a dress or jumpsuit.

Belts serve a purpose but for me they are just an added accessory. I like that it brings an extra layer to an outfit. In the summer they are fun for cinching a boho style dress but in the fall and winter I like to wear them with a cardigan…

The ways to wear a belt are endless but there are a few that you definitely need and you can find them all at Target! I am rounding up a few of my favorites that will work now and in the summer too.

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Chain Belt

Cain belts are great for a dresses. They aren’t a belt you are going to want to wear to help hold your pants up. I love this one because it is tortoise shell and will transition easily from summer to fall and winter.

White Belt

This is going to be more of a summer style but just like white shoes are making their way in to fall and winter style you may find a place for this belt too. White belts are definitely something that is making a statement. Depending on what you are wearing it with it is going to be one of the first things someone sees about your outfit. My favorite thing about this belt is the belt buckle.

Thin Belt

Thin belts never go out of style and work with just about everything. I personally love having colors like blush and olive rather than black and tan. Believe it or not blush and olive are the neutrals you really need.

Western Belt

I am a little shocked I am saying this but my western belt is my favorite. It is the one I wear the most and anytime I think I need a little something more to funk up an outfit my western belt is the way to do it. I have worn this with just about everything from fancy dresses to jeans. It always works. I linked one in black but it you can find one in a color even better.

As always pick something that is comfortable. I spent too much time in my life shoving myself into things that were not comfortable and that is just exhausting.



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