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Isolation: A Photo Series

As I think we are all realizing we are in an unprecedented time in our world. There is no doubt in my mind that what we are experiencing will be written about in history books that my grandchildren and great grandchildren will study. I have been thinking about how much events like the Great Depression shaped peoples reality and how I could capture that for myself and as a remembrance.

I have not been isolated many times in my life. As an extrovert much of my renewal comes form being with others. Being isolated and away from my family and friends in the face to face aspect has been strange and surreal. So much so it has me reaching out for other outlets of connection and just a deep seeded need to memorialize what I am experiencing.

I am keeping a journal that I am updating daily but my friend Morgan inspired me to also to take a picture daily to help put into perspective this reality.

Day One: 3.12.2020


Day Two: 3.13.2020

Best Laid Plans

Day Three: 3.14.2020


Day Four: 3.15.2020

Church and Brunch

Day Five: 3.16.2020


Day Six: 3.17.2020


Day Seven: 3.18.2020

School From Home

Day Eight: 3.19.2020

Planting Dreams

Day Nine: 3.20.2020

Social; at a Distance

Rush Hour

Day Ten: 3.21.2020

HBD in Quarantine

Day Eleven: 3.22.2020


Day Twelve: 3.23.2020

American Dreaming

Day Thirteen: 3.24.20

Lost Boys

Day Fourteen: 3.25.20

LIFE, The Game Of

Day Fifteen: 3.26.20

Lizard Funeral

Day Sixteen: 3.27.20

Water Park

Day Seventeen: 3.28.20

Each One, Teach One

Day Eighteen: 3.29.20

Extreme Makeover Pandemic Edition

Day Nineteen: 3.30.2020

Wishing and Hoping and Planning and Dreaming

Day Twenty – 3.31.2020

Virtual PE

Day Twenty One – 4.1.2020

Wednesday Morning Views

Day Twenty Two – 4.2.2020

Mom’s New Hobby

Day Twenty Three – 4.3.2020

Pond Monster

Day Twenty Four – 4.4.2020

Three Little Speckled Frogs Sitting on a Hollow Log

Day Twenty Five – 4.5.2020

Ninja Moves

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