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Where Do We Go From Here?

To My Sweet Readers…

Are you as tired as I am of hearing from every person you have ever given you email address how they are handling Covid-19? I started writing this post on the 13th and it feels like the entire world has changed since then. We are currently on a four week hiatus from school, as is most of the country. Our life is confined, for the most part, to our home with the occasional journey out for essentials. I am simultaneously overwhelmed, sad, frustrated and scared. I have struggled with what to write about over the next few weeks as we won’t be doing much socially.

However, there is light. We are all hopeful that this time in social distancing will flatten the curve and make our community safe again for everyone. This means that there are things to look forward to this summer and beyond. There is also things we can do now to help our community survive this financially.

What can we do? We can keep as much of our money as we can local. This means using your local grocery, ordering from your local restaurants and shopping with your local boutiques and shops. Businesses are becoming very creative. Restaurants like Hambone are making pre-made cocktails you can order in gallon and half gallon sizes. Sticks is still doing free kids nights and you can get a free kids meal for every entree you order for pick up. Local craft company All Barn New is making pre-made craft kits that you can order and have delivered to your home. Need anything for Easter? Blossom Girl has items in stock that can be picked up curbside or delivered to your home. Get the sticker by number books, they are my favorite. Dreve can also fill an Easter basket for you. Want to feel fancy in your house or plan outfits for after this is over? Boutiques like Cameo, Stella Dallas, Golden Lily, The Villa, JenLyn’s, Paisley are offering local delivery or curbside pick up. Following them on Instagram is the easiest way to shop their looks as they are updating things daily. I have also been in contact with local plant company Flora Wild about having house plants delivered to my home to brighten up the space while we are here.

I know that we are all worried. This isn’t just a time to be concerned about our health, it is also a time to be concerned about finances. I know a lot of families who are not working or working reduced hours or are unsure what will happen to their jobs if this goes on more than a month. We are thinking about these things too as a family. It makes sense to save money. But if we don’t all spend, just a little, in our community the next few weeks this is going to hurt everyone. We need our local businesses to be here when we can get out of our homes because they are the life blood of our community.

I know a lot of what is happening is already weighing heavily on your minds. Many of you messaged me after my post about how I am handling my anxiety during this time. I would like to give you a place of refuge and somewhere to get away from the Covid-19 talk. So I will continue to write blog posts as normal as well as create Instagram content. I am adding in posts daily about what we are doing with the kids at home, art projects, food and more. As always if there us anything you want me to talk about please feel free to email me at

As always I am optimistic and I have a color coded schedule to prove it. I am thinking of all of you especially those of you who carry this worry deep inside and feel alone. I see you. Please stay safe. Please heed the warnings of the officials in your area. This is a time when we need to put aside our wants and do what is best for everyone in our community.

Thank you for being a part of my blog.


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