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Brand Alert – Amazon Essentials

Black Amazon Essentials Dress
Black Amazon Essentials Dress
Black Amazon Essentials Dress
Black Amazon Essentials Dress
Black Amazon Essentials Dress
Black Amazon Essentials Dress

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I order from Amazon a lot. Whether it is houshold items, snacks, new tennis shoes for the kids or Mardi Gras costume pieces there is an Amazon package on my porch at least a few times a week… sometimes more.

I periodically order clothing from Amazon but I have found the selection to be somewhat hit or miss. Since you are dealing with lots of different sellers at times the fit is hard to determine from reviews as well as the quality of the piece.

The addition of the Amazon Essentials brand has been great because the details on the pieces are clear as well as the sizing information. I originally purchased this black dress and was so pleased with the quality that I went back and purchased some of the white t-shirts.

As you probably know white tees can be an issue in itself. Finding one that is not see through is like the holy grail of clothing. These are that good!

What You Will Find

The Amazon Essentials brand includes everything. From underwear to dresses. Men, women and kids. The brand is all inclusive and also size inclusive.

What I Love

I love that the fabrics are soft while being substantial enough that they don’t cling to every part of your body. I compared a few other brands to the Amazon Essentials and I am 100% certain the quality is superior to many equally priced items on Amazon.

I love that the sizing is consistent between pieces and that the size guides are easy to follow.

I love that all of the styles are available in different hem lengths with multiple sleeve options. They are also lots of colors and they change between seasons.

What’s on my wish list


Pull On Knit Jeggins

Short Sleeve Maxi Dress

Slim Fit Tank

Black Amazon Essentials Dress

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