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My 10 Must Have Mardi Gras Items

Well that was a long break! Justin started a new job right after Thanksgiving and our life has been a little busier than normal with him traveling. I took a much needed break in December to enjoy the holidays and hang out with the kids. But I am back at the absolute best time of the year. Mardi Gras!

For our family, Mardi Gras is the best time of the year. We try to get to as many parades as we can during the parading season… even on school nights.

For those of you that aren’t from here I will fill you in a little. Mardi Gras Day is February 25th in 2020. For the three weeks prior there are parades all over New Orleans and surrounding areas. Starting the Tuesday before Mardi Gras Day there are parades every night and all weekend long. We really enjoy getting to see our city explode with excitement.

I have a little wish list going of items I want to get before parades start. I thought I would share them along with the things we already have and love.

{This post contains affiliate links.}

Fleurty Girl Tees

Everything for her, him and the kids. All of our kids have worn the Neutral Ground side shirt. They will be releasing new styles soon so follow them on Instagram.

Fleurty Girl Parade Squad

Fringe+Co Headwraps

I found Kelsey and her headwraps last Mardi Gras season and became obsessed. She makes a variety of sparkly items but her head wraps are my favorite. She has a wire in the bottom of the wrap to make it easier to tie.

Kelsey is also the founder of the Sequin Secondline which will be parading for the second time on January 18th. You can find all of the details here and follow them on Instagram.

Fringe+Co Headwrap
Photo Credit: Candra George

Mardi Gras Kids Fleece Vests

I invested in these vests for the kids two years ago and they are one of the best items we have purchased for Mardi Gras. Hot or cold they can wear them and look festive.

Boys in Fleece Mardi Gras Vests from ETSY

Elektra Cosmetics Bolt Balm

This stuff is fun, you can layer it with different colors and it lasts for hours. A little goes a long way and you need it. Follow them on Instagram.

Elektra Cosmetics Bolt Balm

Bon Temps Boutique Leopard Leggings

I love a costume for Mardi Gras but it never fails there is always one day it rains, is cold or I just want to be comfortable. These leggings are my absolute favorite!

Bon Temps Boutique Mardi Gras Leopard Leggings

Perlis Mardi Gras Rugby Shirt

This is Justin’s favorite Mardi Gras Shirt. It is not lightweight so take that into consideration if Mardi Gras is going to be warm. This shirt also runs large so size down.

Perlis Rugby Mardi Gras Shirt

Spy Girl NOLA Majorette Boots

There are a lot of places that sell these boots but I love her vibe, that she is a local artist (member of Dames De Perlage) and she handmakes the tassels. You can order from Lauren here and follow her on Instagram.

Spy Girl NOLA Majorette Boots

Mardi Gras Sequin Crossbody Bag

These bags make life so much easier on the parade route. You can wear it as a crossbody or as a belt bag.


We sold our big Mardi Gras parade ladder last year because the boys were really getting too big for it and getting them in and out was a struggle. My friend had these ladders and the kids can just stand on them. A lot less of a struggle to bring to the city and easier for the kids to go up and down.

Four Step Ladder from Amazon

Light Up Laces

The kids love them and I can see where they are. Two birds, one stone. I have seen a lot of people on the route with these laces and also the shoes.

LED Light Up Shoe Laces

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