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3 Stylish Outerwear Pieces Under $50

I love capes, coats and jackets but the window of time to wear them in the south is very short. I dream that one day I may live somewhere that it would be a necessity to own multiple coats or even a spring jacket. My reality is that Louisiana spring tops out in the 90’s, so the last thing I want to wear is a jacket.

Keeping this in mind I came up with a list of affordable, but stylish outwear options for you. All of these items are under $50 and while they may not be up for a Minnesota winter they are going to work just fine down south.


I picked up this cape from Shein. It was under $20 and while it is pretty it is not functional for warmth. I loved how bright the red is and the bow is a beautiful statement. Other options for capes are this and this.

Red bow cape

Teddy Bear Coats

I have been looking at these for a while and just bought this one last week from Target. The price point for this jacket was $40. I have worn it a few times and although it is not lined it is very warm. Other options are this and this.

Beige Teddy Bear Coat

Puffer Coats

I have not purchased one of these yet but I love them for the boys and Justin. I really liked this one because it still has an element of dressed up for a casual coat. Other options are this and this.

Rose Gold Puffer jacket

Outwear is just an extension of your outfit and can make your whole look cohesive. They are essential for rounding out your wardrobe and for keeping you warm on the handful of cold nights we have. Even if you only get a few uses out of these at least they didn’t break the bank!

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