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We Five King’s Family Halloween Costume

We wanted to have some extra fun with our Family Halloween costume this year and fun we had….

Jurassic Park Family Picture
Jurassic Park Family Picture
Jurassic Park Family Halloween Costumes
Jurassic Park Family Halloween Costumes
Boys dressed as velociraptors from Jurassic Park

Each year it gets a little harder to do family costumes. The boys are getting older and they all have opinions about what they want to be as well as having favorite movies and characters. I originally wanted us to do Game of Thrones and I was going to be the Mother of Dragons of course but they vetoed that with a quickness.

When I first mentioned Jurassic Park they said no. Then I told them that I would get the blow up costumes and they were intrigued. Then I actually bought them the costumes so they could try it on and bam… SOLD.

We can venture to say I’m a… Clever Girl. (If you know, you know and if you don’t this costume is probably lost on you anyway.)

When I originally called our photographer Melissa to help me with this shoot I thought we would be just shooting the running pictures with the smoke bombs. When we got to her house she had brought out this little step stool to help her get pictures from above and it hit us both how funny it would be to do posed family pictures.

This is 100% going to be our Christmas Card picture this year…

Jurassic Park Family Halloween Costumes posed family picture
Jurassic Park Family Halloween Costumes posed family picture
Little boy dressed as a velociraptor from Jurassic Park

Using the Shutter Bombs…

I had zero idea where to get the smoke bombs from when we initially started talking about this. I reached out to a blogger networking group I am in and asked them if anyone had used them before. Gracefully Taylored had all the answers and pointed me to the Shutter Bomb website.

I ordered the original bombs in gray. When the website says they act fast and to be ready believe them. They are quick and depending on the wind they discippate quickly. I thought we would be good since we were in a little alcove of trees but it was still a little too windy.

A few things you should know. Pulling the pin on the bomb is harder than it looks. There is a spark initially when they bomb ignites. They stink really bad, produce a thick smoke that will burn your eyes and if you get too close it will stain your clothing. You also need to plan an exit strategy because the bombs are very hot when you finish with them so bring something (non-flammable) to carry them in after you finish. One last thing, on their website they encourage you to buy more than you need. I bought two and I wish I had purchased four.

This was Melissa and my first time working with the smoke and I am really happy with the results.

The more you know!

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