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Leave the Yoga Pants at the Gym

Blasphmey! I am a fan of yoga pants. I love them. I wear them a lot. In the Fall and Winter especially I find myself running errands and hanging out in my yoga pants. What if there was something better? Well I think I found it.

Fall and Winter are about cute, comfortable and warm. I was looking for a third C word and couldn’t get it to work so we will go with warm. When I think about what I want to wear when it is cold I like to layer and I think things a little more form fitting. Just feels like there is less room for the cold air to get into my clothes.

I found this set at the end of the summer when the first fall items started to hit stores. Obviously knowing I wasn’t going to be able to wear it for a while but I loved the way it felt and looked.

Top // Skirt // Hat // Shoes // Bag (similar)

I wanted to showcase how casual this set could be by wearing it with sneakers. You could easily wear this running errands or to the soccer field with your kids. It is light enough that if the day starts cool and ends warm it would work. I have also broken up the set and worn the skirt with a different top shown here.

This set is versatile, fun and easy to mix and match. You really could benefit by having this in your wardrobe this fall and winter.

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