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Love It or Leave It? Lavender for Fall

Bronze was to spring what lavender will be to fall. The unexpected color of the season.

This past spring bronze was everywhere and I was really hesitant to embrace it. Bronze is a fall color to me and I wasn’t sure I would like it for the season of brights. But I bought a few pieces and I loved the way the color complimented my tan skin and blonde hair.

When fall collections started coming out I saw a lot of gray shades of lavender being incorporated. I love lavender (fun fact it was my wedding color) but I typically wear it in the spring. I had purchased a lavender skirt in the spring from UAL and on a shopping trip to Canal Place my friend Tracey Wiley brought up that she was doing the same skirt in blue with a chambray top. I took that as a challenge to myself to style the lavender one for fall and this is what I came up with…

{Photo Credit: Jen Menard Photo}

Top: Stella Dallas // Skirt: UAL // Sweater: Nordstrom // Bag: NOLA Boo // Belt: Target // Shoes: Unavailable

Top 5 for you to buy…

Unexpected colors are really the opportunity to make a trend your own. Think of ways that you can incorporate the pieces into your current picks for fall.

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