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Hats You Need This Fall

I love when hats are in style. Not because it’s an excuse to wear them, I will wear them anytime, but because it’s an excuse to buy them! When hats are in style they are available everywhere and it makes it so much easier to find them.

Hats are a great accessory in any season but I love the way they make a fall outfit look. They are like the perfect last touch and balance out your look. Usually when I hear people say they don’t look good in hats I think that they just have not found the right hat for their face. Hats are not one size fits all!

I wanted to round up some of my favorite hat shapes but also highlight them on different people too so I went to my favorite hat loving bloggers Savannah (Following Sunshine), Becca (Style Crossings) and Katie (The Bailey Method)!

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The Floppy Hat.

This is the perfect fall/winter take on a ladies sun hat. Floppy hats are fun, flirty and feminine! In the fall and winter months you will find these hats in wool which will keep your head warm and shield your face from the sun (always thinking about anti aging).

Wide Brimmed Boater.

I got my first wide brimmed boater this summer and it was one of my favorite hats. It offers the shade of a floppy hat but doesn’t get in the way of your vision. I love the ribbon options that come on boater hats. I love this hat in the pink which will also be a big color for the fall so keep that in mind too. You can follow Savannah on Instagram at FollowingSunshine.


This is one of my favorite types of hats because it is the perfect combination of masculine and feminine. There are two types of hats that are usually confused and that is a fedora and a Tribly. A fedora has a wide brim all the way around the hat. A Tribly has a similar look to a fedora but a small brim. The more you know.


Rancher hats are inspired by men’s style and similar to a widely known cowboy hat. They have a little more of a casual look but definitely make a statement. These are also similar to a fedora because they have a rigid crown. You can follow Katie on Instagram at The Bailey Method.

Colored Hats.

I am always eager to add color into my wardrobe and hats are a great way to do it. You can’t go wrong with blue! You can follow Becca on Instagram at BeccaMichelet.

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