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4 Halloween Outfits for When You Aren’t Feeling a Costume

I was talking to my girls the other night and I asked if there was anything they wanted to see in the Fall Guide. My friend Jessica asked for a post about things to wear for Halloween that aren’t costumes.

Halloween can be a lot of fun but we don’t all want to wear a full on costume to the office or around town. There is definitely a way to participate in the fun without dressing like a ghost for the entire day.

I picked out 4 fun Halloween outfits from ModCloth that embrace the charm without being tacky.

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Halloween Classic.

I love this because I would probably wear it on a regular day. The black striped top and skirt are cute together and the orange tight just makes it a little more fun!

Halloween Casual.

I have had my eye on this sweater for the last year looking for an excuse to get it. I think this is the perfect fall outfit for Halloween and your trip to the pumpkin patch. The pants are also a really great pair and will come in handy for the fall.

Halloween Dressy.

If you are going to a adult Halloween party or happy hour and just don’t feel like doing the whole costume thing this may be the perfect thing for you. This skirt is gorgeous!

Halloween Extra.

This is what I would wear!

Just like any holiday you can make it as over the top or low key as you want! There are always options to embrace something without letting it become too ridiculous!

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