Sunday Skim

The Sunday Skim – Summer 2019 – Sixty Nine

Welcome to the Sunday Skim your weekly recap on all things style, home, entertaining, family, community, travel and midlife.

What’s Been Happening. We are finally back into the swing. School was out Monday which meant short week. Woo Hoo. Peyton decided to go back and do swim team again for the fall which has us blowing and going several days a week. Pax is holding out for basketball season and Porter said he wants to play soccer when he is four. Sports is definitely our jam in the fall.

Style. Why do you need a midi length skirt? I will tell you. They are such a cute length and really show off your shoes. I love that because of the length is really draws extra attention to what your shoes look like. Also, because of the cropped length you can wear any boot shaft height with them. They will work with flats, sneakers or heels. So here is a bonus boot tip too. When you are shopping online for boots most manufacturers will tell you details about the shoe like the heel height and material. Well with boots they will also tell you the shaft height. So when you are looking at a pair you like make sure to check the shaft height so you know how high they will come up on your leg. The more you know.

Home. Do you have a waffle iron? Do you use it or does it stay in the cabinet? I don’t use mine very often until I started thinking of different ways to incorporate it into my cooking. Its amazing how I will avoid using the oven in the summer months. Check out this article.

Entertaining. These are some beautiful, over the top centerpieces for your fall table. They would be easy to create on a smaller scale for your home.

Family. It’s still hot outside and it’s not getting any cooler for a while. These look like some great games to keep cool and have fun on the weekends.

Community. Each Friday there is Free Music Friday at the Trailhead in Mandeville. Check out more information here.

Travel. We are spending a weekend here in October and looking forward to see some of the leaves changing colors. This looks like a fun road trip that you could do in a weekend.

Midlife. One thing that I don’t focus on like I should is exfoliating my body. I exfoliate my face often but I always forget about my body. Kismet has some great body scrubs from your body to your booty. Check them out here.

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