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Styling the Nightgown Dress

Ah the Nightgown dress. If you watched my stories a few weeks ago you may have seen this dress already. I ordered it from Walmart and I personally loved it. My family did not.

So my family, Justin and the kids, all have a lot of opinions about clothing. I am sure I am to blame for this because when you are the only girl in a house of boys you have to ask them how things look. This makes them opinionated and think they are judges on Project Runway.

Case in point. Sunday I was going to have coffee with a friend. Paxton walked in the room and said, “are you wearing that? I don’t like those shoes with that skirt. Put on different shoes because it will be cuter like that.”

So when this dress arrived in the mail they were not fans. All four of them agreed that it looked like a nightgown and that was that. Well I was determined to prove them wrong so I started looking for the most amazing belt I could find and see if they liked it better when I styled it.

This is how I dressed it up…

When I saw this western belt all I could think was that scene from The Devil Wears Prada when Miranda is telling Andy about the color cerulean. I am not sure why but the belt just gave me Miranda vibes. P.S. If you have never seen the movie here is the clip.

Pattern shoes because why not and I feel like they looked a little like slippers with the polka dots. A little nod to the nightgown feel. We shot the look at an Ice Cream parlor because a snack before bed, duh.

The point of this whole post is this. Sometimes you like things and you may not know why. No one else you know may like it. While it’s fun to get compliments from people it’s also nice to wear what you like and you feel good in.

If you like it, wear it. But always remember, there is nothing a good belt won’t fix…

So the jury still maintains… they hate the dress. That’s cool and I’ll just save it for girls night… or ice cream.



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