Sunday Skim

The Sunday Skim – Summer 2019 – Sixty Seven

Welcome to the Sunday Skim your weekly recap of all things style, home, entertaining, family, community, travel and midlife.

What’s Been Happening. Well Everything actually! I took a break for about two weeks at the beginning of August. I was feeling stifled creatively and I needed a break. It was nice to just let my brain rest and it always makes me come up with fun ideas when I don’t feel like I am being forced to produce content. We spent several days at Caney Lake at a lake house called the Lily Pad. It was just an amazing time with the boys and we all came back exhausted. Justin and I got a night away thanks to my parents and went to the Southern Hotel last weekend. In the midst of all of this the boys started school!

We just finished up the second week of school and I feel like I am getting into my new schedule and groove for the school year.

Style. These are my three favorite boho dresses for fall on Amazon. They are all under $30! One // Two // Three

Home. These are my favorite baskets for organizing my pantry and other cabinets. They come in a variety of sizes and work for everything from food to toys.

Entertaining. I am making this for football season. It looks delicious!

Family. The kids decided they wanted to take their lunch to school this year. Every morning I am asking them what they want to put in their lunch but I am thinking this would be a great option. I am just not sure if all the choices would overwhelm the kids.

Community. I had the opportunity to attend the St. Tammany West Habitat for Humanity luncheon Hammers and Heels on Friday. I learned so much about the program by sitting next to one of the future homeowners. When someone enters the program to own a home they have a series of classes they attend which helps prepare them for homeownership. There are two houses being built currently and you can be apart of their construction. Check out more information here.

Travel. So this is a new section. Justin and I traveled a lot before we had kids. They are just getting old enough that road trips are becoming more fun and we also recently discovered how awesome Airbnb is. We had out fist stay two weeks ago at the lake. My friend and fellow blogger Jordana wrote a great post on doing your first Airbnb. You can check it out here.

Midlife. I started back in the gym last week. It is never easy and there is never a good time. The first week I go back I am always a little more tired but it makes me feel good. I read this article and liked some of the tips for getting back to it.

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