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Styling Floral Pants for Fall

I have so many pairs of floral pants from the spring I was looking for a way to incorporate them into my fall wardrobe. I don’t wear pants a lot in the summer so after the spring months passed they were just sitting in my closet. I wanted to see if there was a way to incorporate them into my fall closet.

Fall and Spring are our only mild times of the year in Mandeville so my outfit choices are similar between those season. I love all of my cropped floral wide legs because they are easy to wear and also extremely comfortable. With a few changes they work well for fall or spring.

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pants // top // shoes

I love using leopard print as a neutral. It is usually tones that are back, brown and cream so it is easy to work with. This print came in gray and I loved the way it worked with the navy in my pants. I put it with a light colored shoe because I love any excuse to wear these white mules in the fall.

Making the most of your excising clothes maximizes your budget. I used the pants from this spring and paired it with a new shirt from the LOFT pre-fall collection. Viola. New outfit and I spent less than $40.

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