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2 Ways to Wear a Dressy Maxi Skirt

When I walked into Stella Dallas for their fall launch party one of the girls walked up to me and said, “I have already pulled this amazing skirt for you. You need it and you need to take an epic picture in it.”

I immediately loved it and knew I needed it. My mind was spinning on all of the different ways I could style it. Typically when you are purchasing something dressy it feels like that is the only way you can wear it. There are actually a lot of different ways to wear this skirt and I am going to show you two of them.


When I go into a fitting room I lay everything out and think about what I want to put together. When I am pulling from the racks I don’t worry about what goes with what because those decisions are made in the fitting room. Personally I like to see the items separate from the store because it makes me look at them all in a different way.

When I was looking through everything they pulled for me I was drawn to this tank. It’s easy to look at this skirt and only imagine it with a dressy top but I wanted to put my own unique spin on it. As for shoes, I would wear this look with a pair of cute sneakers.


I loved the casual option for this skirt but what if you want to wear this on a date night or out somewhere a little more upscale? The great thing about this skirt is that it will work with flats, sneakers, booties and heels. I threw it on with my white booties because I knew it would give it a little edge I was looking for. It went so perfectly with this black cami.

The difference between this look and the casual look. In the casual look I wanted the entire outfit to be the focal point, taking a little of the spotlight off the skirt so it didn’t look overly dressy. In the dressy look I wanted the skirt to standout so pairing it with the black cami allowed it to have it’s own moment.

The next time you are in a store and thinking about turning an item you love down because you don’t have the right place to wear it think of this. Sometimes it’s about making an occasion for the right outfit rather than buying the right outfit for an occasion.



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