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Kids Birthday Party Ideas

Even before I had kids I knew that throwing birthday parties would be one of my favorite parts.  I love my birthday and celebrating so it makes sense that I love to throw parties for my kids too.

Over the years we have done a variety of different parties for the boys.  I try to focus on something they love and then direct the party from there.  We try to change it up each year just to keep it interesting.  I have written about their parties individually but I thought it would be fun to put them all in one post.

These are a few of my favorites!

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Night at the Movies.

The Big’s (Peyton and Paxton) birthday in 2019 was the hardest one to plan yet. They could not decide what they wanted to do and didn’t like any of my ideas. We offered to take them on a trip or to do a special outing with a friend but they really wanted to do a birthday party. After going to an outdoor movie night at our club they asked if we could do something similar at home.

I looked to rent a screen but one of our friends let us borrow theirs and their projector. I set up a hotdog bar and concessions with candy and popcorn. The kids picked out pool floats to use as a mat to lay on when watching the movie. The biggest hiccup was the fact that it was at night and we had to wait for the sun to go down so that meant the movie didn’t start until after 8 and didn’t end until almost 10. Late night but it was so much fun!

Balloon Garland Kit // Popcorn Containers // Hot dog boats // Table Covers

It’s Sweet to Be Three.

This was one of the easiest parties I have planned.  Porter loves ice cream so we just started there.  Rolling Cones is a local mobile ice cream parlor that comes to your home.  They have 8 flavors of ice cream plus toppings.  All I had to do was book the date and then I grabbed some decorations and cupcakes.  The kids loved it.

I also booked Sign Gypsie Northshore for the party since I knew we would be in the yard a lot I thought it would be fun.  The kids got a bigger kick out of the sign than I ever thought they would have.

Mad Science Party.

This party was fun for everyone who attended from the adults to the kids.  The Mad Scientists included everyone in attendance making it a fun and educational experience for all.

Mad Science SELA is a full service party company that comes with everything except the cake.  They even provided gift bags for the kids in attendance.

The party was about an hour-long with the scientists going through a variety of experiments.  The finale allowed each child to make their own super ball!

I did some decorating for the cake table and my mom and I made the cake.  It was fun but stressful as I am not a baker and I don’t think I will be doing that again.  You can see my full blog post about the party here or view my pinterest board here.

Frappy Birthday.

We had a major love affair between Pops and Starbucks before his 2nd birthday.  He asked almost daily if he could get a frappuccino and cake pop.  A little Pinterest search brought up tons of ideas and this is what we ended up doing.

The Little Gym.

The Little Gym was one of the simplest parties that we had and went so well we did it two years in a row and I may do it again for Porter next year.  They do so much for you and the party staff is attentive and fun.  The kids can participate in the group activity or they can play on the equipment.  I loved how easy they made it for me and the kids had a blast.

Jess Russell Photography
Jess Russell Photography

Where the Wild Kings Are.

Porter’s First birthday party was something that all of us planned.  The boys loved reading Where The Wild Things Are with his at night so when I asked them what kind of party they thought he should have they both said this theme.  I was able to find so many ideas on Pinterest and come up with a few on my own.  Having a December birthday I added a hot chocolate bar to make it a little more fun for all of the kids.  His hot chocolate bar has become a staple at his birthday parties.  Check out my Pinterest board here.



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