Sunday Skim

The Sunday Skim – Summer 2019 – Sixty Five

Welcome to the Sunday Skim your weekly recap of all things style, home, entertaining, family, midlife, community and shopping.

What’s Been Happening. Well we had our first hurricane for the season. It seemed like it took a week for it to get here and then it was only a hurricane for about an hour. The boys have never been through a hurricane before so they asked me about 1,000 times when the hurricane would be here.

Style. I bought these earrings a few weeks ago from Baublebar. I was on the fence about buying them because they were $50 and I didn’t know if I would have the opportunity to wear them a lot. So when my friend Jessica asked how I would style these ice cream earrings I decided to style them for summer, fall and winter. I mean ice cream is a year round treat, right?

Home. Whenever I find a post about the perfect gray for your home I love to share it because there are one million grays to choose from. When we repainted out house a few years ago I purchased about 15 different colors before I got the right one. Loved this article.

Entertaining. We love popcorn and we also love a food station at a party. I love this idea for a popcorn bar. We all love different toppings. The boys love sweet toppings and Justin and I love black pepper and parmesan. Perfect way to meet everyone’s preference.

Family. We have a 4 hour road trip coming up and I am making a list of all of the games we can play to pass the time. This list is really good.

Midlife. I fractured my foot about a week and a half ago. I went more than a week not knowing it was fractured because I didn’t do anything to think it was broken. When speaking with my doctor she brought up the dreaded perimenopause. UGH. They are encouraging me to start a calcium supplement with vitamin D. I started a supplement but I am also going to try some of these suggestions.

Community. I’ve been shopping for my white dress for this event!

Shopping. I will be doing a daily #ootd from the Nordstrom Sale from now until it ends in August. Make sure that you are following me in the app.

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