Sunday Skim

The Sunday Skim – Spring 2019 – Sixty Two

Welcome to the Sunday Skim. Your weekly recap of all things style, home, entertaining, family, midlife, community and shopping.

What’s Been Happening. This summer has been so much busier than I planned. It has been great because the boys do so much better when we are out and about but I hit a wall this weekend. Sometimes I really want to do everything and I just need to take a day and relax. Your body usually has a good way of just putting up the no sign after a while. Stopping or slowing down is not something that comes easily to me so if you are a go go go person too remember that doing things is fun but resting is also important.

Style. It’s hot in the summer we all know that. Somehow I think that I forget just how hot it can get because there always comes a point when I am like, “this has to be the hottest summer ever.” It’s not, but it surely feels like it. Hot and humid makes me want to reach for something light to wear. Stay at home mom or working mom the t-shirt dress can be a vital part of your wardrobe especially in the summer. I styled this one with a jacket and a shirt tied over it for a few different options.

Home. We are always discussing how we would change our backyard if money was no object. For now it’s just a dream but I love all of these.

Entertaining. I love Ina Garten. She is one of my favorite Food Network Hosts and her recipes are surprisingly easy to follow. I love this series of appetizers.

Family. Justin and I had an argument earlier this week about a misunderstanding we had. We are very similar and at the same time very different. Our similarities and our differences are also very extreme so sometimes this is a cause of our arguments. It got me thinking about how we all really generally want to understand each other but we are usually doing it through our personal lens. I am guilty of doing this with him and with the kids too. I came across this article which was more focused on work but it really put into perspective for me again that the way we interact as well as care for one another is really dependent on our personalities and what our soul needs. Check it out here.

Midlife. I have started to notice the last few years that when I am out of the gym, even for short periods of time, I see a decrease in my strength. I am trying to come up with short at home routines I can do on the days I can’t make it into the gym because it is just that important to my body. I read this article about other ways to build lean muscle too.

Community. All Barn New in Mandeville is having a family fun walk-in night. Check out more information here.

Shopping. Today is LTK Day. If you are not following me on the Like To Know It app sign up today for special sales and promotions.

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