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Creating the Perfect Pool Party Look

Summer is the time for cold drinks, BBQ and pool parties! It’s so hot and the only way to stay outside and make it tolerable is to be in the pool.

While a swimsuit is fine for the pool you may want to be a little more covered up for the drive there and home or even while you are hanging out around the pool. I have a few really cute options to take your swimsuit from the pool to the party.

However it wouldn’t be fun to just list a bunch of swimsuit coverups you could find yourself so we are making this a little more fun!

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This is an easy way to coverup your suit but still show a little off. So many swimsuits have cute tops and this is a great way to show them off.


If you want to be a little covered but still show off that suit a kimono is the way to go. It covers you up in the back but leaves the front of your suit visible. Wanting a little more coverage? Belt the kimono.

Sheer Dress.

Sheer dresses are so cute and easy to throw over your swimsuit. I also love that they will keep you cooled off and not just add layers.


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