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Four Ways to Pose in a Swimsuit

You should know what I am going to tell you before you even read the rest of this post. You need to just wear the damn swimsuit. Just do it. You are beautiful and hot (literally) and you need to savor these months while we have them.

Wear. Your. Swimsuit.

Ok, thank you for coming to my Ted Talk. Now for my actual post.

So you are going to wear your suit to the pool but now someone pulls out a camera to capture the moment of you and your kids playing at the pool. Panic. Not only am I out of my comfort zone wearing this swimsuit but now they want me to be photographed in it. What do I do?

Being confident in the way we look and loving our body doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t want to showcase it the best way. There is nothing wrong with wanting to look good in pictures. It’s kind of the point. We are all in different places with how we see our body and while some of us may be extremely confident being photographed in a swim suit some of us aren’t and that’s ok too. I am going to give you four simple poses that will flatter your body when being photographed in your suit and will work for any body shape and level of confidence..

Bent Knee

This one is easy and can be applied to any outfit you are wearing. Just bend one knee and slightly tilt it toward the center of your body. I have big thighs and if there was an area I would like to camouflage it would be my inner thigh. This is an easy way to showcase the better side of your leg. This also tightens your muscle and makes you leg look tighter.

One Leg Out

Same principle as bending your knee except this will make your leg look longer. It easily hides the inner thigh and makes your leg look long and lean.


Sitting isn’t the most flattering position on anyone so hopping up on your knees can help with this. I thought the picture on the chair was cute but I wasn’t loving the way I look sitting. If you want a picture of your kids sitting you have the option of kneeling behind them or on side of them and the picture is still cute.

In the water

Standing on the stairs where the water hits you on your hip is such a cute way to pose. You are still showcasing your suit but it may be a more comfortable position for you. Also, a down angle is never a bad shot for your face so standing on the step and having someone photograph you down at a slight angle is a good trick.

Wearing a swimsuit can be hard but getting photographed in one is a no for some ladies.  I have a few poses to help you be more relaxed.

Learning to be confident in your body can be a process. Do what works for you. If you just can’t be comfortable in your swimsuit for a picture throw a towel on or a coverup. Remember we are all a work in progress and just focus on enjoying yourself and your summer.

You are beautiful!



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