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5 Ways to Embrace Trends

I dislike the word rules. I think that style is what you make of it and not something someone can tell you how to do. I love seeing people do their own thing and forge their own way when it comes to trends but I also know not everyone will do that.

Trends keep us looking current but we also don’t want to feel like we lose ourselves in them. You can follow a trend but don’t make it a rule where you are marking off boxes to make all apply.

Don’t buy things you don’t like.

This one is pretty plain and simple. If you don’t like it, don’t buy it. I love embracing new trends because I feel like they push me out of my comfort zone and make me try something new. However if there is something I really don’t like I am not going to buy it. Period.

On the other hand if you are on the fence then try it on. Go to the store and take things with you into the fitting room that you may not normally try and see what you think. Take a picture and send it to a friend. Give it a try without making the investment until you are sure it is for you.

Start small.

Hair accessories are a big trend this summer. Headbands to hats to barrettes and more. Don’t feel like you have to go out and invest in an expensive hat or loads of barrettes until you decide if you like it. Start small. Grab a hat from Target or Walmart or one barrette to try. Embracing a trend doesn’t always have to mean you buy it all at once.

Same with patterns. Pattern mixing is very popular this summer. Don’t feel like you have to wear head to toe bold floral pattern to embrace this trend. Start small with a delicate floral pattern on top and a thin stripe on the bottom.

One of my favorite trends this spring and summer is big palm print. If you aren’t interested in an allover print try an earring.

Use a Trend as an Idea.

You don’t always have to embrace an entire trend. If something doesn’t look good on your body think of ways that you can make it work for you. If a long tunic isn’t great on your body look for something shorter that will work. Same with boots. Maybe a short boot isn’t for you. Try something that comes under the ankle.

I love a crop top but they aren’t always flattering or practical. Wearing a high waisted skirt and tucking in the top achieves the same look and may be more comfortable for you.

Plan for the Future.

The one thing about trends is that they come and go which means next season they may be “out of style”. Planning for how you will use them later is a great way to know if you should invest in something more expensive or not.

This bodysuit would also work in the fall with jeans and a blazer or under a cardigan.

Make it your own.

Always think of ways that you can embrace the trend as your own. It’s important to keep your personal style even when embracing something new!



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