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6 Bright Color Combos for Summer

Let’s talk summer! Mixing patterns and color during June, July and August is a fun way to showcase your summer style but it also can help expand your existing wardrobe.

Most people purchased a skirt or pants with a top to go with it. Breaking up these sets and making some unexpected color combinations can make those pieces meet more of your needs. Twice the wardrobe and ten times the fun!

There is a theory to color matching. If you want to know more you can read about it here. The terms monochromatic, complimentary, and analogous come to mind when I think about color matching. Something I learned in art classes and just from painting my own home.

There are colors that will always work well together based off the rules of the color wheel. But there are so many shades that can also compliment one another than are not traditional matches.

The bottom line is you can use these rules to help you match but also just try things and see how they look to you. Sometimes a combination you least expect will work. Trust that your eyes won’t deceive you.

These are a few of the fun combos I made with clothes I already owned.

Yellow and Green

Yellow and Green is a easy combo to ease into this post. I think that it is a pretty easy color combination to wear especially for people who don’t think that a lot of yellow would be flattering to them. Green looks good on a lot of skin tones so putting the green at the top and yellow on the bottom could be optimal.

To make the outfit a little more fun I threw in the fuchsia belt as my accent color.

Red and Blue

Yes, you can wear red and blue together for more than just the 4th of July. I promise. I really love this color combo because it is strong and crisp with a nod to Americana.

My accent color with this outfit was a hint of turquoise in the necklace.

Coral and Kelly Green

Kelly green is one of my favorite colors. I wear it a lot as it flatters my undertones like blue does. The coral is a nice pop next to the bright green and it works similar to the red and blue.

My accent colors were yellow and navy which are in the same family as the green.

Combining bright colors in the summer is fun and can be a great way to use your exsisiting wardrobe in a new way.

Tangerine and Royal

If you aren’t afraid to look a little on the Florida Gators side this combo is perfect for summer.

My accent colors were white, which is always great when mixing brights, and lavender which I think brightened up the tangerine.

Orange and Marigold

This combination is very complimentary and similar to how green and yellow is a no brainer. It just works. Both of these colors are very warm and really bring out the beauty in the other.

My accent color was this royal blue that works because it’s also a deep rich shade.

Styling Tip… So I was really inspired to make this outfit after seeing something on Unique Vintage. I layered the skirt over a romper and then opened the buttons up to show off a little leg.

Fuchsia and Lavender

I was trying to work with this top and a green pair of pants and I couldn’t get the accessories right. I slipped this lavender skirt on and it just worked. I love how the green scarf still made it’s way into the outfit.

My accent colors were this Kelly green and tangerine.

Wearing things with confidence means that you can never go wrong. Pick things you like and it will look beautiful on you.

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