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The Sunday Skim – Spring 2019 – Fifty Six

Welcome to the Sunday Skim your weekly recap of all things style, home, entertaining, family, community, midlife and shopping.

What’s Been Happening. I am not sure how your week went but ours was crazy. I talked to several people who kept saying the same thing…. Is mercury in retrograde? It was not so something else must have been going on. In case your ever wonder if Mercury is in retrograde this website will let you know. Fun fact… the next time isn’t until July.

Style / Shopping. Putting these two together this week. I got my extensions moved up this week and I am wanting to try out this barrette trend. I just ordered a set this weekend and can’t wait for them to come in. This is a fun set I found on Amazon.

Home. A friend is repainting the entire outside of their home and we were discussing paint colors. Picking a paint for your house can be difficult because it’s such a big space based off of a tiny paint chip. When we repainted out house the contractor suggested painting a large piece of foam core board so we could see a larger section of the paint. I was really helpful to see what we were envisioning.

Entertaining. It’s Cinco De Mayo!! I love pico de gallo but for some reason I had never thought of making it on my own until recently. It is delicious on everything from potato soup to steak and anything in between. I love how fresh it is when you make it at home and it is easy, simple and anyone can do it…

Family. For Easter I bought the boys these chalk paint sets that you could roll and spray on the concrete and they washed off this water. **Disclaimer** This is NOT the chalk paint like Annie Sloan which will not come off of your driveway with water. The set was not cheap and lasted about 10 minutes so I was looking for a recipe to make my own. This one is slightly different but would be a lot of fun.

Midlife. I have had another person in my life diagnosed with breast cancer. The number of people I know with it or dealing with it in their family is unbelievable. Remember the importance of at home breast exams.

Community. This week I will be participating in an event call the Little Black Dress Initiative with the Junior League of Greater Covington. I am proud to be the chair of this event that was started by the Junior League of Atlanta to bring awareness to poverty and it’s effects on women in society. You can read more about my experience in 2018 here. I will be posting throughout the week on my Instagram and raising funds.

2 thoughts on “The Sunday Skim – Spring 2019 – Fifty Six

  1. Hello, I was just curious about this “little black dress initiative”. I would not be able to wear the same dress several days in a row because like most humans, I sweat. This can only work if you have a washing machine and a dryer at home in order to wash the dress every evening ( this might not be the case of less affluent people, otherwise, they would also own more clothes).Or are you supposed to wash it by hand to feel deprived? In my ( European) country, poverty is not so much about a lack of clothes ( most “poor” people have enough cheap T-shirts to go through the week) but rather a lack of opportunities, starting from childhood. I get the spirit of the initiative but if I was poor, I wouldn’t want some affluent people to wear the same dress for 5 days out of solidarity with me. I would be more interested in the kind of initiatives that will be financed with the pledged money.

    1. Hi! Thank you so much for asking all of these questions. You are completely right, wearing a black dress for five days does not show me what it’s like to live in poverty. I feel that what it did do was help me gain perspective. I can never fully know what families go through but I do think it allowed myself to become more empathetic to situations other people face. This initiative was started to raise funds for women who are in working poverty and may have a full time job and still not be able to make ends meet. Last year we donated the money we raised to our local united way who was offering a program to women for continuing education. We have also talked about giving the money to an organization like Dress for Success who helps women get fitted for work clothing. Its not really about wearing the dress for five days. Its that wearing the dress may be able to open up a conversation with someone about what we are raising funds for. I really appreciate you asking all of this and if you would like further information you can email me at

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