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Mother’s Day Gifts on ETSY

Easter is done and the next major holiday we have coming up is Mother’s Day.

Photo: Erin Cefalu Troxclair Photography

Searching on ETSY this week I found some unique and special Mother’s Day gifts.

Luxe Des Fleurs Yellow Rose

Luxe De Fleurs gave me my first flower box this week and they are more beautiful in person than online. These flowers last up to three years and require no maintenence. They are available with one flower, nine flowers or in makeup boxes.

Custom Family Portrait

This gorgeous hand painted, water color gift is as sentimental as it is beautiful. Check the ship dates as they are custom pieces so may require more time than you have to get them.

Colorful Initial Necklaces

These necklaces are a fun spin on a traditional monogram necklace. I love the color options that they have as well as the shape.

Personalized Leather Coin Purse

This special coin purse could be used for your change, as an ID holder or business card holder.

Custom Peg Doll Family

This is one of the cutest and most precious gifts of all of them. I have a set of nesting dolls from China and it reminds me of them.

Little Crown Creative

This company specializes in illustrations from pen and ink drawings to watercolor and more. Check their ship dates since all items are custom it may take longer than Mother’s Day to arrive.

STAK Kitchen Table Dock

This gift is the two P’s. Practical and Pretty! I love that you can use it for your ipad and have your recipes up where you can read them.

Personalized Fine Leather Bag

I have been looking for the perfect leather tote and I think this one is it. It is also on my Mother’s Day list!

Rose Quartz Gemstone Studs

If you have a jewelry loving momma this may be the sweetest earring I have seen in a while. It’s the perfect accessory for work and fun and anything in-between.

Whatever you have planned for your wife or mom make sure you let her know how much she means to you. Hearing thoughtful, deep words of gratitude for how hard she works is what really means the most to us as moms.



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