Customizing the Perfect Dress with Eshakti

Eshakti gifted me this dress in exchange for my review of the product. All thoughts, opinions and ideas are mine.

Eshakti makes some truly beautiful dresses. I purchased my first dress a few years ago and it was perfect. Fun patterns, cute shapes and their dresses always make me feel like a lady.

Eshakti specializes in fit and feel. Their dresses are fully customizable and they offer sixes ranging from 0 – 36. Following their fitting guidelines your dress will fit your shape perfectly from waist to hem. Each dress us fully customizable giving you the ability to change the neckline, sleeves and hem. Want pockets? No problem! These dresses are truly all you!

Even though I have ordered from Eshakti in the past I have never used their alteration and customization services. I have ordered and enjoyed the dresses as they were but when they came to me and asked me to do this post I decided to change the dress up a bit.

Choosing My Dress

I had a hard time choosing a dress. There is no end to the options on the Eshakti website. I narrowed it down to four dresses and then put them on Instagram to have my followers choose. This is the one they picked.

Customizing My Dress

Based off of my measurements I was going to order the 1X / 16W but the fabric is dupioni silk so I sized up to the 18W. Silk has almost no give in the fabric so I wanted it to be fitted but not too tight. It was perfect.

I raised the neckline, narrowed the straps and dropped the hem to a midi length. The dress already had pockets which I think added to the overall fun look.

Getting the Perfect Fit

A few suggestions if this is the first time you are ordering from Eshakti. I usually order from the Standard Sizing. Sizes run from XS – 6X and are followed by numerical sizing options. Check all of the measurements below to ensure you have the right size for you. If you aren’t falling into one of the standard sizes scroll below and use the custom sizing.

No matter what sizing option you use make sure that you include your height so the hem will be accurate on your body.

The final customization process is neckline, sleeves and hem. Not all options are available on each dress so keep that in mind when shopping.

Would I Customize Again?

Absolutely! I loved that I was able to make this dress truly mine! Each option I used allowed me to highlight my best features and I am excited to try out this option again.



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