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The Sunday Skim – Winter 2019 – Fifty

Welcome to the Sunday Skim your weekly recap of all things style, home, entertaining, family, midlife, community and shopping.

50! I have written 50 editions of the Sunday Skim!

What’s been happening. All things Mardi Gras and all things Disney! We are getting in the last few parades this weekend and then we leave for Disney on Tuesday. I have some fun content set up to post this week but I am officially on vacation from the blog, my event job and Northshore Parent until March 11th!

Style. I styled these outfits for a Disney post but the idea can be used for many other occasions. Layering pieces under your jumpsuits or dresses helps you maximize your wardrobe. I always look for tops I can put under or over things.

Home. The biggest thing that has suffered over this last year is my house. I am trying to keep up with my cleaning schedule but it just doesn’t always happen. I am really good at keeping up with the laundry and day to day picking up but the really good deep cleaning things are what doesn’t always happen. When we get back from vacation I am planning on doing this list to see if I can get a good start for the spring.

Entertaining. Check out these spring tablescapes from The Fashionable Hostess.

Family. We are so excited about our Disney trip next week. I was so overwhelmed when we started this process because there are so many ways to do Disney. Plus everyone loves their way best so people have a lot of advice to give you. We chose Ali Quirk with the Mouse Detectives as our planner and I could not be happier with how things turned out. I told Ali since I had never been to Disney I wasn’t even sure what I wanted to do. I gave her a budget to work with and told her how many days I wanted to be there and she planned everything. She even booked our stroller.

Not everyone wants the planner to do everything and I think this is what makes Ali such a great choice. She really listened to me and to the type of trip we wanted and just how we were personally. She was able to do exactly what I needed and that was amazing. I am going to Disney with no stress and that is awesome!

Midlife. Over the last few years I have started having more and more issues with my eyes. I seem to be more susceptible to allergies and also have a lot off issues with dryness. I recently switched to a daily contact and am using Hubble. They arrive monthly and takes the stress off of me making sure I reorder or have enough in the house. I really like their contacts and am having a lot less issues with my eyes.

Shopping. Wanting to add anything gingham to your spring wardrobe? This blog post from Kelly in the City has all the new JCrew gingham pieces laid out for you.

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