Sunday Skim

The Sunday Skim – Winter 2019 – Forty Nine

Welcome to the Sunday Skim your weekly recap of all things style, home, entertaining, family, midlife, community and shopping.

What’s Been Happening. I missed last weeks Sunday Skim and I didn’t even realize it until Friday. Exciting and fun two weeks. Parades started last night with Krewe Du Vieux and we are continuing the fun today. We Five King’s Instagram hit 10,000 followers! Whew Hoo! I have some exciting things coming up this week so don’t miss out. If you haven’t subscribed to the blog now would be a great time to do it.

Style. Parades have started. We have three weeks to live our best lives which means weekends are filled with family, fun and parades! I grabbed this shirt from Golden Lily to style for a day parade and a night parade.

Home. I love rugs. The anchor your space and highlight your furniture. They also protect your floor and keep your furniture in the right spot. Especially if you have flooring you don’t like it gives you a way to cover it until you can change it. I love this website for buying rugs. They have a lot of options on patterns and sizing and they run great sales.

Entertaining. I love gin. Gin and tonic with lime is my favorite drink and French 75 is a close second. I always have gin on hand at the house as well as vodka (they are easy to interchange in case you didn’t know). I found this list of easy gin drinks to make and am keeping it on hand for the next time we have people over.

Family. We are driving to Disney in less than a month. I have been mentally preparing myself for this trip for about six months. We plan to leave really early in the morning but there will still be part of the trip that they are awake for. I am making plans for how to fill the time. These road trip goodie bags look like a great distraction and I think the kids will love them!

Midlife. I am definitely not as graceful or balanced as I used to be. Just last week I slipped and fell at an event and it took me several days to get over being sore. Why is getting older the worst??? It’s like you get wiser but everything hurts. I added a barre class into my workout routine at the beginning of the year and I really like that it has me focusing on my balance and core. I love the idea of using yoga and other exercising to increase your flexibility and balance. Check out this article here.

Community. Cameo in Mandeville is having an Eve preparty on Friday. Check out the event here.

Shopping. So there is a little unknown hidden gem on the ThredUp website called rescues. I clicked on it one day on a whim and found this fun page where they will send you a box full of items for a minimal cost. Things like handbags or denim or dresses. Depending on what is available you can find almost anything including a fun box that has accessories and shoes and more in it. I am getting my first rescue next week and I can’t wait to see what is in it. You can find the rescue page here.

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