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Boutique Profile – The Villa Mandeville

This post is sponsored by The Villa Mandeville.

Last year I started thinking about how I could better highlight the local businesses on the Northshore. We have a thriving boutique community with a lot of amazing business owners. I decided to profile one of them each month discussing what makes their store unique and what you can expect on a shopping trip.

Nichole, Elizabeth and Marta

The Villa Mandeville (1281 North Causweay Blvd. Ste. 1) is locally owned and operated by family members Marta, Nichole and Elizabeth. Every day you can expect to see one of them in the store merchandising or working with their clients. The Villa is expertly laid out and the first time I visited I immediately noticed how easy it was to locate the section where I wanted to shop. It was very apparent they have been doing this for a while.

Marta took over The Villa 19 years ago. Nichole joined her mom when she was 14 and then took off a few years after she married and had kids. Elizabeth was the last to join 6 years ago after graduating from college. They work together daily and, being family, many of their evenings, weekends and holidays are spent together as well.

Me: What is hardest part about working with your family?
Nichole: We all have really different styles so buying is always interesting.
Elizabeth: Yeah, all of us go to purchase for the store and sometimes we disagree on styles to have in the store.

Me: How do you think your individual styles influence the store?
Marta: We each have really different ways of dressing. I am more modern chic. Elizabeth is edgy and Nichole is more bohemian but loves bows and collars.
Elizabeth: YES! Nichole loves a bow. Sometimes we have to tell her to put things down.

In the world of boutiques the sizing is typically on the smaller side. The Villa offers clothing from 0-14 and XS-XL. They are more style inclusive than a lot of boutiques that tend to gear more toward juniors sizing.

Me: Tell me about what you think sets your boutique apart?
Marta: I really think it’s the fact that you can come in here and complete an entire wardrobe. We don’t just have dresses or only trendy pieces. We try to carry everything from t-shirts to cocktail dresses. It’s important for me that the store be a one stop shop.
Elizabeth: I also think that we have a lot of interesting accessories like Virtue Jewelry and finishing pieces. It is easy to leave here with a complete look and not need to continue shopping for a bracelet or earrings.

Me: What are your personal favorite brands that your store carries?
Marta: I love Black Halo.
Nichole: Lavender Brown and Bella Doll
Elizabeth: Bella Doll and Johnny Was

Me: Tell me something you are proud your boutique offers?
Nichole: We really know our customers. You can come in here and we can help dress you. We pay a lot of attention to what our customers like and what looks good on them.
Marta: Our store really has items for a woman at any age. When you think about it you have a woman in her 20’s, 40’s and 60’s picking out clothing for you and working closely together. It makes a big difference in what we can offer our customers.

Me: What do you think is something your boutique is known for?
Marta: Dresses. Definitely our dresses.

Me: What is the price range of the store?
Marta: We have t-shirts starting around $25 and the most expensive thing in our store is $345. You can find a dress here between $100 and $345.

Me: What local designers do you carry?
Marta: We carry a few like Virtue Jewelry and our Mardi Gras sweaters are made locally too. You can always find something from a local brand in the store.

So the next time you are out and about shopping take a minute to stop in and say hi to the ladies of The Villa. They are open Monday thru Saturday 10 to 6. You can visit their website here or follow them on Instagram. New styles arriving daily!


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