Sunday Skim

The Sunday Skim – Winter 2019 – Forty Six

Welcome to the Sunday Skim. Your weekly recap of all things style, home, entertaining, family, midlife, community and shopping!

What’s Been Happening. The Saints are playing in the NFC Championship today and if we win this game we are going to the Super Bowl! When the Saints play well the city is just electric.

Style. This week I am styling sock boots three different ways. I purchased these boots from Target on major sale a few weeks ago. I really liked the heel height more than anything. One of the things I like the most about a pattern boot is the ability it gives you to mix it with a larger pattern on your clothes.

Similar Dress // Similar boots

Jumpsuit (similar)

Cropped Jeans and  Sweater

Home. January has everyone eating healthy, going to the gym and trying to stay organized. I have had a lot of people ask me what kind of planner I use for home and work. I found the Planner Pad about 7 years ago and it has been my go to planner since then. I love that it has space for me to have individual projects, daily tasks and then hourly tasks too.

Entertaining. I had someone ask the other day what is my go to entertaining food that will accommodate any diet? Tacos! A taco bar is the answer to any dietary dilemma because you can make them low carb, keto, vegan. vegetarian and so much more. I typically make the meats and then ask my guest to bring the sides. Beans, corn, tortillas, lettuce, tomatoes, queso, cheese, green chilis, salsa, guacamole, the list is really endless. No matter how or what you eat you can find something you like at a taco bar. This is a great article on creating the perfect taco bar!

Family. Parades are starting in just a few weeks and if it is your first time you may like to read these tips on parading with kids.

Midlife. I am looking forward to being 40 more than I am dreading it but I googled Am I Having a Midlife Crisis just for fun. I am happy to report, I am not. But if you want to check to see if you are read this article.

Community. Are you looking for something fun and educational to do with the kids for Martin Luther King Jr. Day? The Ogden Museum in New Orleans is hosting a Art and Community event from 10am to 5pm. Check out more information here.

Shopping. Have you tried Rothy’s yet? My friend Whitney just got her first pair and she says that they are life changing. They are next on my shopping list. Speaking of shoes I just added these sneakers to my collection for Disney and wearing them around recently they are the perfect cute walking shoe.



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