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Creating Your Own Space

As a creative person where I work has always been important to me.  It is easy for me to feel stifled in a space that is closed in and as a result I avoid working in the space.  This fall I was finally able to create a space for myself in our home to work and create.

Our house isn’t small but having five people living in it sometimes makes it feel tiny.  Adding three kids to our family in 5 years has made us look at the house in a new way.  Spaces that we thought we needed, a formal dining room, are better now serviced in other ways like as Justin’s office.  It has taken some time and a lot of moving furniture around but I think we are finally living optimally in our space.

My blog and freelance projects have grown and I am in a position where I am working more than I was a year ago.  This really made me start longing to have a place where I could go to write and have the option to shut the door.  We decided to move the boys playroom to the additional bedroom next to theirs and then make the bonus room in the front of the house my office.

Overall Concept.

Overall I wanted the space to be a lady space.  So much of my house is taken up with boys and sports and masculine things that I really wanted a space that could be soft and sweet and pink.

My Desks.

I personally love a writing desk.  They are not the most functional if you have a lot of things that you need to store in your desk but they are beautiful to look at.  I solve the storage problem by having shelving on either side of the desk and also storage in my closet.  Part of the year I need to bead for Mardi Gras so I have a small table that I use.  I would love to have another nice desk but with all the glue I use it would be ruined.  So for now it’s a plastic table.

Racks and Storage.

The biggest thing I needed room for in my office was the racks of clothes I have for the blog.  I usually have a rack for things that I am currently shooting for the blog and one for the things I am selling.  Before I had both of these racks in my bedroom and it just made me feel unorganized.  I like that in my office I have a space for the racks so I can really see everything that is there.

I also needed a space for other items like my wigs, accessories and things I am stock piling for Mardi Gras.  This small cube set was perfect for the small space I had left on the wall.

My Installation Wall.

I had this wall planned in my mind as soon as I decided to create my office.  It is such a good collaboration of things I love and things that inspire me.  I didn’t finish part of the top and the bottom yet but plan to have it be a complete square at some point.  I didn’t want to force it if I didn’t have the perfect pieces to fill in the space.

I am loving my new space and using it almost daily currently.  I really feel like it is giving me that dedicated space I need for my own clarity.



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